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The year of the Metal Rat 2020 is symbolized by radical positions of planets. According to one mythology, the Jade Emperor decided that the order of the zodiac animals according to the order they arrived at that party. The clever Rat use the trick and convinced Ox to give him a ride to the party. But Rat uses his cleverness when the pair arrived at the door, suddenly the Rat jumped ahead and reached before the Ox. In this way, Rat comes first in the Chinese Zodiac chart.

When is the Chinese New Year 2020?

According to the Chinese time zone, The 2020 Chinese New Year is on weekend Saturday, January 25, 2020. This day will be the new moon day of the first Chinese lunar month in the Chinese Calendar.
It is also known as the “Spring Festival” which is China’s most important and holiday festival. Solar, lunar and 60 Stem-Branch are combined in Chinese Calendar. And the 60 Stem-Branch calendar contained the names of Yin Yang Five Elements are Metal, Water, Fire, and Earth, and 12 animals. Each of the five means and connected to different colors such as White, Black, Green, Red, and Brown respectively. So, the Chinese always use the color animal name to count the year. 
The Rat came first in the Chinese zodiac sign. Chinese New Year 2020 is about White Metal Rat. Chinese full year is based on 12 zodiac signs it started from Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig is the last sign. This cycle rotates every year the same as. As you know that last year of the Earth Pig 2019, the year of the Metal Rat is taking over now, which means a new rotation cycle going to start of the (Twleve) 12 Zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar. Chinese horoscope says that the Rat is the animal zodiac sign of 2020 and Metal is the main all year-long Chinese zodiac element.

2020 Chinese Zodiac Rat Year Dates and Meaning

As the lunar year starts from January 25th, 2020 and ends on February 11th,2021. And this is the 4717th Chinese year. Chinese New Year 2020 is the year of Male Rat. Chinese Horoscope metal color is connected to White or golden. That’s why 2020 is also known as the year of the White Rat or Golden Rat.
Metal Rats are the symbols of wealth and excess. Who doesn’t have children and wants to bless with happiness prayed to them.
According to the Chinese astrology first day of the year is the first day of the Tiger Month. Golden Rat year’s first day going to start on February 4, 2020. And the Tiger Month be throughout February 4, each year. So, if we're born before the Tiger Month (February 4), then to read your 2020 Chinese Zodiac forecast you need to use the animal sign of last year.

Chinese astrological year first day used to determine your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Chinese New Year’s Day is not used to determine your Chinese Zodiac Sign. It is determined using the first day of the Chinese astrological year. Chinese New Year comes from the Chinese Lunar Calendar. And Chinese Zodiac Sign is from the Chinese Horoscope calendar. You can know about your Chinese zodiac sign by using a birthday. Chinese Horoscope theory says Male Metal is the sign of Steel, Weapon, and Strong wind. The rat that contains Female Water, is the sign of rain, dew, placid water, lake or ocean. So,2020 Male Metal Rat is against the strong wind on the shi in the lake. And on the other hand, Female Metal is the sign of a rainstorm.
As we already discussed Rat is the first animal in 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. So, Cold December is a Rat month. If the water is mentioned as your lucky element in the Chinese birth chart, then Rat will bring you lots of good fortune in 2020. As you know, 2019 was the Pig year. And Pig and Rat come in the Water group. If your luck is going good in 2019, then you will continue as same in 2020.

Personality and traits who born in the year of Rat

Who was born in the year of the Rat are more optimized and great energy level?  And they have sensitive feelings for others, they are very determined for their opinions.
Just because of their weak communication skills sometimes they become rude and impolite.
They are very easy and good method at saving money. But at some points, they waste their money on waste resources. 

Men who were born in this year are very smart and familiar with every environment. They have a lack of courage, and they are creative.  Expert in taking advantage of opportunities when arise. As they always have brilliant ideas but they may not be good for leadership positions.

On the other hand, Women born in the year of the Rat are traditional. They always give priority to their families and take care of them. In the professional field, they are very responsible and highly skilled.

How the lucky year 2020

Chinese New Year Celebration: 

1.    Chinese New Year Decoration

Every street, building, and house are  decorated with lucky red items at New year's time. Red is taking as the main color for festivals because it believes that red is an auspicious color. Most of the public decorations are done a month before. But home decorations are done at the time of festivals. At the time of any festivals you will see everything is in red color like the decoration in red, toys and other things also red, and New Year paintings with rats on.

1.    Chinese New Year’s Eve (Family Time)

It is time for families to get together. Everyone tries to enjoy their festivals with their families.
The New Year’s Eve dinner is known as “reunion dinner”, and it is the most important meal of the year.  After having dinner all family members sit together to enjoy the Spring festival Gala, which is the most popular show in China.

2.    Firecrackers and Fireworks at Chinese New Year

It is a Chinese tradition of firecrackers in the new year. There is the use of billions of fireworks goes up in China at 12 am at the Chinese New Year.

The Luckiest Things to Do at Chinese Spring Festival (New Year)

1.    Giving gifts and money in the lucky red envelopes with lucky greeting.
2.    Eating lucky food like fish on New Year's Eve, especially carp or catfish are known as luckiest food in New year.
3.  Lighting and lots of red firecrackers and fireworks to frighten away evil and bring good fortune.

Short Summary

In last, Chinese New Year festival is the longest celebrating holiday in China. This festival has so many stories over 3,000 years. Eating Fish and giving gifts and money in lucky red packaging at the time of the New year indicates luck. 

This food is eaten at least 16-day festive season, and particularly available in the New Year's Eve family reunion dinner. 

So, New Year celebrated in China to scare evils and praying for good luck and fortune. Chinese people have a traditional prediction that starting of the year affects the whole year.

Chinese people traditionally believe that the year's start affects the whole year, so the Chinese Spring Festival is a season of supernatural and of the belief.

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